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Replacement for Sony NP-FM55H Battery Charger

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Type : Li-ion
Availability: In stock now
Input: AC 100V-240V, 300mA
Condition: New, High quality
Output: DC12V, 500 mA
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Model No.: Sony NP-FM55H
Shipping: 2 to 5 business days
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VAT Free! 30 day money back, 1 Year Extended Warranty!

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Sony np-fm55h Charger With Different Power:

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  • AC 100V-240V, 300mA

  • DC 12V, 500 mA

  • AC 100V-240V, 300mA

  • DC 12V, 500 mA

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Battery Detail

Cheap Sony Np-fm55h Charger Description

Need the Sony Np-fm55h battery charger?We supply brand new and high quality Np-fm55h chargers for you with discount price.What's more, now take the Np-fm55h battery and battery charger together, you will find they are more cheaper.Full 1 year warranty and 30-days money refund Sony Np-fm55h battery charger makes your life more colorful.

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Replacement Battery Warranty

The quality of this battery for Sony Np-fm55h is certified as well by TUV, RoHS, ISO9001/9002 and the CE to name a few. It ships fast to UK/ Europe and we will stand behind our products for 1 full year. For shipment, we take an extra step to protect your packages exclusively. The tracking system protects your shipment from being "hijacked". You can log in anytime, day or night, to track your order in real time. .

  • Quality - 100% compatible with original Np-fm55h charger.
  • Warranty - 1 Year Warranty, 30 Days Money Back for every new Np-fm55h battery charger.
  • Secure -You can be assured that the information you give us is confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties. We guarantee your Sony Np-fm55h transaction will be 100% safe.
  • Fast Shipping- Usually ships the same business day!

Base of Lithium ion Battery Knowledge

  • It must be chargered for new lithium ion battery for 12 hours continuously.
  • Cycle fully charge and discharge new Np-fm55h battery 3 times.
  • Take down your lithium battery if you use laptop adapter for a long time.
  • Charge and discharge your li-ion battery regularly. Charger your lithium ion battery after lithium battery discharger fully when you find charge time get shorter or you don't use your notebook for a long time ( one month or more). Fully charge and discharge your li-ion battery at least one time in a month.
  • You'd better shut down your notebook when you charger lithium battery. Don't unplug your laptop adapter until battery charge fully.